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Poorvanga is Best Online music Academy in tamil nadu

Our academy is one of the premier Intuitions in online music academy. We are focusing on only Carnatic Instruments and vocal music. We provides the unique choices for students everywhere to learn Carnatic music from their convenient place through highly created curriculam and certificate will be provides for course completion. The certificates will be provides at each level.

Intro of classical Music

Carnatic music is one of the traditional & classical systems of music across the globe. As it enhances mental strength, creativity and memorizing power, Carnatic music is nonpareil. No other form of music is said to be as efficient as Carnatic music in terms of being soulful. Long before, it has been prevalent and celebrated only in South India. However, because of its uniqueness, today it is practiced and cherished by people from all over the world.

The antiquity and classical nature of Carnatic Music is vouched by the fact that many Hindu Gods are still portrayed with Carnatic musical instruments. i.e. Goddess Saraswati with Veena, Lord Krishna with Flute, Narada with Tambura, so on and so forth.

Reaching out to God with unfaltering spirituality, unwavering love and unconditional faith is extremely meaningful and momentous, significant and substantial.

So is Music performed with pure heart!

Ancient & Modern Music Learning Methods

Gone are those days where students and music aspirants were asked to stay with the Tutor and learn Music, along with self-discipline and versatility, in the form of Gurukul. Though it was held as the best form of learning for a while, to be relevant with changing times, it has become obsolete.

We encourage & facilitate those who want to learn Carnatic Music, without any discrimination, keeping interest alone as the basic eligibility criteria. We bridge learners with skilled tutors, based on their requirement, letting learners acquire skills at the ease of their home.

Our aim is not to throw away the old way of learning music, but to make music available to learn from home, which is the norm of the contemporary world.


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