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Online Music Classes in Tamil

Poorvanga has efficient tutors for teaching Carnatic music and vocal music via Online music classes in tamil. Wherever you are, you can learn music from our online music academy.

What we do

• Best Learning Method
• Free Resources Available
• Customized Approach
• Free Workshops
• Renowned Experts as Tutors
• Tested by Stalwarts of the industry
• Certificates & Awards based on Star-rating
• Events organized with students to get hands-on experience
• No Fees for workshops, online programmes, Tests and Events
• No Fees for admission
• Special Revision of Lessons
• Intimation with Parents regarding the progress
• Video & Audio Song making with Interested Students
• Top-notch recording and expert technician for the Academy’s YouTube channel
• Resources are available 24x7

Our Vision

• To make music available for everyone without any discrimination
• To create a platform through our academy where all those who love to learn music can learn music
• To become a best of excellent in Carnatic music via online Carnatic music Classes

Our Mission

To make music feasible to learn anytime from anywhere at an affordable costing and comfortable learning through experts as tutors

Frequently Asked Questions

Music is taught entirely online only at Poorvanga music academy.

The whole of Carnatic music is taught here, in particular Fields such as vocal music, violin, flute, mridangam, konnakol and morshing are taught.

No, only if there is an interest in learning.

Music will be taught to anyone who is interested in music.

Yes, you can choose the classes for yourself on any two days in a week and time as you desires.

8 classes are compulsory and you can learn as many classes as you want.

Yes we have an excellent curriculum designed with experienced teachers in mind.As follows: 1.Basic 2.intermediate 3.advanced 4.pro advanced

Yes, after completing the lessons in each level, there will be a diversionary examination with the teachers, after which you will be fully prepared and finally exam will be conducted in front of the examiner.

Only one exam at a time will be conducted online with famous musicians in the field you are studying.

No some questions will be asked orally from the subjects they have learned and marks will be given accordingly.

In each stage an examination will be held for 100 marks out of which 70 marks will be awarded for the procedure, 20 marks will be given for the answer given in the oral examination, 5 marks will be awarded on the basis of your attendance record and 5 marks for the choice of the examinee.

Certificates will be awarded on the basis of 5 stars for students who score above 70%, on the basis of 4 stars for students who score above 50%, and on the basis of 3 stars for students who score above 35%. Accompanied by shield and medal.

Yes from time to time special classes are usually held with some of the best musicians.

Is a music academy started only to teach the best music education to all. There is no such thing as student admission fee, special training class fee, exam fee.

• Excellent curriculum.
• Frequently held specialized training classes.
• Online concerts with the best musicians.
• Appropriate interpretation of each song.
• Music competitions held for students.
• Exams with famous musicians. There are a few more things like.

Of course, studying online can save you time and money, and you can further develop your ability by recording a class and listening to it over and over again.

Gald to me meet you. You can register your profile by contacting at 8110899199 and select the desired field, perhaps with clear guidance if you are confused about what to choose.

Poorvanga Music Academy